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frequently asked questions

  1. How long does it take for my account to be completely set up after placing my order?
    Typically, you will receive a welcome message letting you know your account is setup within 6 hours. However, due to the odd hours some orders are placed, the site setup guarantee is 24 hours from the time of your order. Under the terms of this guarantee you will be entitled to 2 months of free hosting should this promise not be fulfilled.
  2. What does your 99.9% uptime guarantee mean?
    You must’ve experienced the uptime guarantee from another hosting provider and learned that they didn’t mean what they said. Have no fear, the Webstriker uptime guarantee translates into approximately 46 minutes of downtime per month. Any downtime beyond that can be reported under your account manager for a credit (up to a maximum of that month’s charge).
  3. How many web sites do you host on a single server?
    Each server at Webstriker hosts far fewer web sites than the capabilities would allow. The server load is monitored to ensure there is no degradation in performance. As for a specific number of sites: less than 200 (depending on each server’s load).
  4. Is there a getting started guide, a manual, or a knowledgebase to help me get acquainted with the features and options available to me?
    A getting started guide is currently being developed and will soon be attached to the welcome message each new Webstriker hosting customer receives after signing up for an account. All basic information is included in the welcome message and any other questions can be asked via the Webstriker account manager. Any urgent concerns can always be answered by calling the toll-free support number. Other ways in which your hosting experience can be improved will continually be researched.
  5. Where can I find a list of your server specifications and the software installed on your systems?
    Use the software and equipment link to find out the current versions and specifications of Webstriker servers. You may also check out news and announcements to look for planned upgrades and other exciting things occurring at Webstriker.
  6. Do you have any anti-spam filtering available?
    Spam is a nuisance and can be costly and time-consuming to eradicate. To help cut down on spam there are several things to try. You may set up filters (processing rules) via web-based email or your favorite email application. You may also want to try SpamBayes (a free open-source, anti-spam software application available for all operating systems). You also can opt to turn on server-side spam filtering that tags suspected mail with "[Spam]" in the subject line.
  7. Does your email server scan for viruses?
    Yes! All incoming and outgoing email is scanned by two anti-virus programs. Your email is protected by McAfee and F-Prot. When a virus is detected both the sender and recipient will be notified by an automated system indicating what virus was found. For further protection you can block attachments via webmail so you can’t receive potentially dangerous .exe, .pif, .bat, and .scr files. The level of protection on your account is customizable.
  8. Do you provide SMTP access?
    Yes, you can use mail.yourdomain.com to send emails no matter who your ISP is.
  9. How do you prevent spammers from using my domain name to send unsolicited junk email?
    The SMTP server maintains a log of the IP addresses which successfully access a POP3 or IMAP account located on the Webstriker mail server. It records this address and remembers it for 45 minutes to allow mail to be sent. All that’s required to once again obtain the privilege of sending email is to first check your email and send within that 45 minute window.
  10. What is the difference between a mailing list and a list server and is there a subscription limit?
    A list server is an automatically maintained mailing list. The options for both mailing lists and list servers at Webstriker are extensive. There is currently no limit on the number of subscribers you can have in your mailing list.
  11. Can I have a DSN setup to access my database?
    Yes, but it isn’t recommended. Since your site is hosted on a server with other web sites, creating a system-wide DSN compromises your database’s integrity because it can be accessed by services or web sites running on the server. DSN-less connections are much preferred. Still, if you’d like to have one set up you won't receive a hassle. Just a friendly warning.
  12. What is a sub-domain?
    A sub-domain replaces or proceeds the www in your domain name. Examples of sub-domains are: support.yourdomain.com or www.support.yourdomain.com. Both of these are fully supported with all Webstriker hosting accounts.
  13. How long does it take for a domain name to transfer to your servers?
    Domain name transfers typically take 24-72 hours to propagate throughout the internet. This time is no more and no less than with any other hosting provider. There is nothing any single ISP can do to speed up this process.
  14. Is there a way for me to be able to modify or publish to my site before the name server changes take affect in the WHOIS?
    Two ways are provided for you to access your site before the WHOIS changes are propagated throughout the internet. One is available to Microsoft Windows users only, while the other is available to everyone. Details are included in your welcome message.
  15. What are the advantages of choosing a hosting plan with a static IP address?
    E-commerce sites with their own SSL certificate are one of the few types of sites which require their own IP address. Beyond that, name-based hosting meets the needs of nearly all other hosting applications.
  16. What is the Webstriker hosting footer?
    The Webstriker hosting footer is a snippet of HTML that is included at the bottom of every page on your site which simply advertises Webstriker hosting services. It is a small banner and does not use a pop-up window.
  17. Am I committing to hosting for a year when prepaying or do I get a refund if I decide to cancel my account before my year is up?
    The purpose of the prepayment discount is because it saves the hassle of monthly billing. You are NOT entering into a contract that ties you to Webstriker hosting for the term of your payment. However, the amount of your refund will be based on month-to-month billing. Example: if you prepaid $180 for a year of hosting and 6 months later you cancel, your total refund will be $60 (because the 6 months that you used will be billed at the month-to-month rate of your plan, in this example that is $20).

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