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The consultation is an integral part of how Webstriker delivers quality, affordable, and timely solutions to you. While this stage may be the least technical in nature, it is unparalleled in its power to render a solution a success or a failure.

In order to help make your site successful it’s necessary that your industry, needs, expectations, and timeframes be clearly understood by your developer. Generic templates and text can be found all over the internet, but throwing a site together from these resources overlooks so many aspects about the uniqueness of your product or service offering.

Be sure to take the necessary time to fully understand what it is you’d like your web site to accomplish. Consider what kind of audience your site will have. Become familiar with internet technologies that might serve a purpose in most effectively accomplishing your objectives. One of the best recommendations however, is to simply surf the internet to see how others in your field or profession (such as your competitors) do things. Ask yourself: What do they do right? What do they do wrong?

The common expressions, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “Don’t reinvent the wheel,” offer valuable advice for your next online project as well as in so many other things.

Because our aim is to achieve a successful web site at an affordable cost, Webstriker will provide you with a set of questions and issues to consider. The form is used to help prepare you for an efficient and productive meeting which will have a grand impact on how the project will progress.

Consultations are done in order that your project and vision is clearly understood. As a result they can last from one hour to several hours depending on how clear of an idea you have and how effectively you communicate your ideas.

A Webstriker consultation is FREE! Consultations can be done online via chat, videoconferencing, or over the phone. For Pennsylvania customers an appointment can be arranged to meet at your location.



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